Toxicology Fraud Prevention

successful laboratory reimbursements start with accurate tracking
“An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”
There has been an abundance of fraud in the addiction recovery sector of healthcare. service providers have become overwhelmingly more savvy in their erroneous billing. our solution is simple. we have a toxicology service that creates a barcode using the patients biometric markers. once a client has a biometric profile, that information is converted to a unique algorithm, which is a part of the upc label that is attached to the urine sample itself. our labels are include the name, date, time and location of where the sample was taken! The urine sample label is synchronize with our biometric time clock. this sample can be tracked from its collection in real-time from our patient portal dashboard by the insurance company, treatment provider and laboratory that is processing the sample. fallcatcher tracking’s laboratory printers, specimen labels and barcode scanners optimize laboratory management by improving specimen identification and tracking from collection to testing.


The Cost

How much is the cost? our cost is based on the tab of lab and billing for the sample. for medicare medicaid samples the cost is 2.50 per sample which is paid by the insurance company/ agency reimbursing the laboratory. for privately insured commercial insurance policy holders we charge 2.50 per panel. so a 12 panel is 25.00 which is paid by the insurance provider and adjusted out of the reimbursement sent to the lab. the bill is only applicable to reimbursements greater than 200.00
equipment costs are separate


The Guarantee of Claims Quality

Our system prevents the nightmare of over payments that are made to treatment providers who submit false billing in the addiction recovery industry. our system saves the insurance companies billions of dollars. it is possible for one service provider to over bill by 100,000,000 or more in the run on just a few months. we invite you to use our system and ensure the quality of service and payments.


Improve Patient Safety

Proven solutions that can label and positively identify patient specimens reduce the risk of misidentifying a sample.


Enhance Productivity

With a robust selection of solution components, the lab staff can utilize a variety of fallcatcher tracking products that fit best with their workflow and volume.


Track Lab Samples

Staff can rapidly and accurately identify lab samples, reducing search time and allowing more time for analysis.

Build your Laboratory Management Solution

Hardware: Print and scan sample, shipping and specimen labels with unique hardware solutions designed specifically for the demands of the busiest healthcare labs.


Communicating across multiple devices leads to confusion. fallcatcher tracking software allows healthcare professionals to do everything they need with one device, keeping co-workers in touch and on the same page.


Fallcatcher tracking services help you through each phase of your technology’s lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organization’s current and future needs.


Fallcatcher tracking has all the barcode labeling supplies your healthcare printers need to keep things organized and accurately identified.