Fallcatcher can provide low-cost services to create a professionally designed, branded content set that presents user-friendly access to online services and information.  We will either tailor existing FCS content modules/templates or create custom content to match your needs, style and branding.  Fallcatcher professionals will work one-on-one with you to leverage both your and our existing assets to keep costs down, customize as needed, then integrate everything to meet your specific project requirements.

Our Graphical Arts and Content Development Team consists of full-time staff with a variety of specialized skills, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AutoCAD, Xara, Html, and other graphical and proprietary content development technologies.

We offer services to create the following content, in any combination that works best:

  • Customized Skin / User Interface (Nav Bar, Button Set, Status Bar)
  • Custom or Tailored Attract Loop Graphics / Digital Signage
  • Custom or Tailored Main menu / Landing Page
  • Custom Sub-Menu Displays w/ Pre-Set Buttons and Links
  • Custom or Tailored Customer Feedback Forms
  • Custom Maps, Floor Plans, HTML Displays, etc.

Additional services include:

  • Requirements Definition & Planning
  • Data Design
  • .Net Programming (Data Tier, Web Services, Business Logic, Kisok/touchpad UI)
  • PHP, Java, Javascript, JQuery, XML/XLST, Html/CSS, VB, C#, Flash, Oracle and MS SQL databases, and other leading technologies.
  • Testing & Integration
  • Graphical Design
  • Project Management

How the System Works

Fallcatcher understands that the collection and transmission of its information to other entities is a sensitive topic. Therefore Fallcatcher has a system of “checks and balances” in place to:

Ensure that the patient receives the proper level of care by making sure that the Doctor, Therapist and Patient are in the place at the same time which will ensure the likelihood of treatment. Each center is held accountable for the billing methods because our system returns the information to each insurance company for attendance and services provided on our HL7 real-time interface. Our system also intergrates with the Electronic records Database for prescriptions to will calculate redundancies, “Doc Shopping” and over prescriptions for each center that is tied into our system.

The overall process of treatment becomes highly synchronized because all of the Fallcatcher locations are connected through WAN and tie into one Centralized Server Instance in a HIPPA Compliant Server Bank.

Once a person, uploads the information into our system vie handheld or website registration form, they are prompted to agree to our terms of use. The Patient then inputs their Medical Insurance Data. That data is then transmitted to our HIPAA Compliant Server. The Patient is then given access to our Treatment Center Database that has 69,000 Treatment Centers and Halfway houses in it. The patient can then search based off of Geo-location which tells a client all of the treatment centers within a 5 mile radius or they can type in a specific city or zip code to find a location suitable to them. FAllcatcher provides this as a curtesy and doe not place patients at any specific location. The selection of a Treatment location is that of the patient. We can only advise the patient of whetehr the location is tied into the Fallcatcher system.

Once the information is put into the application, the client receives a confirmation text with their Client ID number informing them that their registration is done. The Client ID signifies that there is a Patient Profile set up in Fallcatcher associated with that ID. The patient ID number is a 9-digit number that is randomly generated. However, the client may opt to use their social security number. This 9-digit number is the only thing that is tracked in the system. This sets up a point of demarcation for each Treatment facility and Housing Complex. The only organization that can see the entire patient profile thereafter is the Insurance Company, unless the patient is enrolled at that particular Treatment Facility. Fallcatcher generates the equivalent of a Medical Social Security Number that is specific to each User.

Upon arrival at the first Center after a profile has been set up, the patient then must complete the registration process by doing a fingerprint and retinal. The specific type of Biometric device use is at the discretion of the treatment Center Owner. The State or Insurance providers may request a specific device be installed.

The Biometric scanner is a wireless device that fits on any Desk or Wall. The Center may also op to have a Full size Kiosk or Touchpad installed.

Thereafter EVERYDAY that a patient arrives at the treatment Center, the patient must touch the fingerprint reader or perform the facial recognition upon arrival and upon departure. Likewise, the Doctor or Therapist must do the same to ensure that both parties were in the same place on the same day and the same time frame. The Touchpad will then remit an attendance summary and the Survey located inthe touchpad will send the services provided by the center back to the Insurance carrier prior to the Treatment Center billing to company for services rendered. In this fashion the Insurance company will already have the data for the patients treatment prior to the billing company sending the claims information to the insurance company. The kisok/touchpad will communicate with the Insurance Company via real time Data exchange

Fallcatcher has a modern API for EHR integration. Our engine facilitates the easy, fast, and secure exchange of patient health data that powers applications improving healthcare. With Fallcatcher, a single connection to our engine enables interoperation with EHRs and other applications. We accomplish this through a network approach. By sitting in between organizations that wish to share health information, we are able to accommodate wide ranges of data standards and data variance. When two organizations agree to exchange data, we facilitate the exchange by handling connectivity, data translation into the expected format of the receiving system, and data delivery.

This system allows us to track patient migration “real-time.” We also have the ability to set monitors through our system that enable to identify “high mobility” clients. If the patient goes to 3 locations in any designated period of time, whether it be two weeks, 3-weeks a month or more, we can set the parameters to notify the insurance companies immediately so the insurance company can determine what plausible solution can be implemented to help the patient achieve sobriety; if possible.This service prevents multiple Treatment Centers from submitting billing on the same patient for the same time frame.

The Insurance companies can also view the administration of toxicology and blood work done in real-time. Before a test is administered the Insurance Company can code a certain patients profile as “ineligible” for certain tests to be done and our touch pad can send a system note to the therapist about any patient or any set of patients under their care..

This system is designed to root out all fraud in the Healthcare sector.