In the world there are an estimated 190M users of Cannabis. There are 50M users of Amphetamines. The United States is a huge consumer of Amphetamines and other manufactured drugs. Africa and Asia are countries whose gross consumption of narcotics is in the realm of Cannabis. The popularity of manufactured drugs began with the consumption of Cocaine in the early 80’s and it reached its peak by 1995. Around 1995 the re-introduction of opiates began and we see the decline in cocaine usage. The use of Opiates began in a relatively slow upward trend as it was introduced by the systemic drug distribution channels. The Use of Heroin increased as the drug companies introduced relatively low-cost pain-relieving drugs that had a high concentration of addictive ingredients.  As you can see from the Map, people ages 15 to 64 have had the most exposure to drugs. Globally more than 430 million people have use some form of narcotic. The growth trend is following the emergence of laboratory created narcotics and stemming from the natural occurrences of drugs that have sedative like qualities.