The Fallcatcher software and hardware platform is comprehensively and ubiquitously integrated across all relevant business centers.

Users and Permissions

Manage users and define roles to control access to specific features, actions and interfaces.

Database Support

Database Support FCS supports all major databases. Where you store your data is up to you.

Completely Web-based

FCS is accessible from anywhere. You can access your dashboard, logs and scripts from any web-enabled device.

Alerts & Notifications

Configure alerts so your team knows exactly when there is a problem with your interface. You can build any custom alert you need.

Public APIS

FCS has a rich set of public APIs to give you even greater control over your interfaces. Access stats to create your own dashboard, create and administer interfaces programmatically or query the logs to trigger external processes.

Advanced Logging

FCS’s dependency-free logs are more than a series of records. You get a robust logging application where you can select what information is logged in order to find and fix errors on the spot and reprocess problematic messages.

Modern Dashboard

FCS’s dashboard gives you an overview of all of your interfaces and servers. You can monitor real-time metrics, configure your interfaces and access all of FCS’s major functions.

Import/Export Interfaces

Import and export entire interfaces with a few clicks to allow you to stage interfaces for deployment and share projects with your local or remote team members.