The Problem

The U.S. is caught in the “grip of Heroin Addiction.” This epidemic has birthed a new form of revenue generation called the Addiction Recovery Treatment sector, spawning a multi billion-dollar industry. However, the current system of treatment is not effective. Every business that experiences success or failure does so by creating a metric by which they can calculate “inputs and outputs.” However, in the field of addiction recovery, there is no ubiquitous system that measures such metrics. There is no way of determining how many people are in treatment with or without insurance, whether private, Medicaid, or Medicare. We do not truly know what is the prevailing drug of choice in these municipalities.

The Solution

The solution to this quagmire is accountability. Information technology is the one tool that has not been considered, until now, as a means of making sense of what is actually happening in the addiction recovery field. Fallcatcher Systems was created to act as a metric by which the problem can be logistically measured while maintaining compliance with the Stark Law, Human Trafficking Laws, and Enticement Laws. The Fallcatcher System is designed as a four-pronged system that extrapolates information into useable data. This data is collected to protect the Insurance companies and save them money, protect the patients and also act as a tool by which the community can be appropriately monitored to maximize our quality of life. The system features a Website,Mobile App, Patient Check in system and an algorithmic interface that synchronizes with DCF and the Insurance company who subscribe to the database. Fallcatcher creates an environment in which it becomes impossible for the Treatment Center to allow patients to abuse the insurance companies. The FallCather system is so comprehensive that no person or entity can circumvent that logistical platform that will be put in place.