Until now, there has not been a meaningful way to address the Prescription Fraud. Here is how most people commit prescription fraud. The patient will go to a Treatment Center and get a prescription and leave the center after a few days and demand their medication be given to them. A lot of Treatment Center give them their meds and “wash their hands” of the patient and the situation. The patient will then hide the prescription and go to another Doctor and get a prescription. There are some doctors that will prescribe the Opiates over and over again and then if any issues arise, they will blame the patient and their lack of disclosure.

Patients are notorious for going to A Treatment Center, then a Podiatrist and even a Dentist to get a prescription for Opiates filled. As long as there is a “cross care” loop hole a true addict will exploit this weakness in the system. Fallcatcher stands ready to deploy 100,000 touchpads at any point in time. With this capability we can have a biometric scanner in every facility no matter what their treatment specialty is. We can place touchpads and retinal scanners at any business and hosuing facility within an instant!

Fallcatcher, “bolts everything down.”