As you can see from the map, certain regions have a higher amount of prescriptions than other parts of the United States. Upon First blush one may consider that there are more Pain Clinics in these places and therefore the addictions epidemic may stem from the disparity in Pain Clinics and opposed to other geographic regions. However, that is not the case. The Regions that have the highest use of Opiates can be identical to the Federal Districts that these states are located in. The issue with opiates is not a matter of Social Policy and popularity. This matter is an issue of political agendas. There simply is not enough regulation and oversight of Opiated prescription in these districts. If you took a US District Map and “laid” it on top of the Opiate Regional Map you will see that there is a startling revelation of Politics vs. the epidemic we now face as a country. Our software has a plug in that each States Electronic Prescription Database can tie into so we can measure all prescription and their individual consumption rates.