The Cahrt represents the drg problem in 2007. This information is a visual description of what the problem was 10 years ago. Since then the Opiate addiction population has tripled. In the United States the number of deaths is 175 people per day. These are the over doses that result in a fatality. The other overdoes that do not result in death is 50 times that amount. Our Community is threatened by the saturation of the prescription medications. The current schema of people that use opiates is simple but effective. Opiate abusers will go to an urgent Care Center or Pain Clinic and get a prescription there.

After they visit that clinic, they will go to a Recovery Center and get another prescription. This is “prescription stacking.” Then the person who is driven by addiction will go to a Podiatrist, Dentist or anyone who has the DEA designation to prescribe the opiate. There are numerous Methadone clinics that issue a dose of Methadone every day and instead of decreasing the dosage, they increase the amount of the medication daily. Methadone is a medication that is supposed to ween a person from opiates. Instead, it is often use to keep a person as a captive audience to the narcotic.  One popular solution is Vivitrol, but Vivitrol is 1800.00 per shot and most people who have problems beating addiction do not have 1800.00 and their insurance companies will not cover this medication. So this alternative is in place to make the rich richer and on act as a “psychological tease.”