At Fallcatcher Fraud Prevention, our products were designed with a security-first approach to result in compliance. Our security posture allows us to protect electronic medical records (EMR), electronic protected healthcare information (ePHI), and other sensitive data while streamlining the compliance audit process. Fallcatcher Fraud Prevention is certified against the Common Security Framework (CSF) from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) to address HIPAA compliance requirements. When you attain compliance using Fallcatcher Fraud Prevention, you have chosen to be both secure and compliant.

Fallcatcher Fraud Prevention’s products were designed with the specific needs of organizations subject to HIPAA compliance in mind. Healthcare organizations of all kinds trust our security talent to protect their customers’ health-related data at all costs.



Whether you host your data within our HITRUST-certified secure managed infrastructure or another IT environment, our solutions are designed to meet, and even exceed, HIPAA/HITRUST requirements. Secure your public cloud with Fallcatcher Fraud Prevention Anywhere to alleviate the stress of managing HIPAA compliance at the OS level. Or, segregate your most valuable data by selecting Fallcatcher Fraud Prevention Complete to significantly reduce the time and capital outlays spent completing a HIPAA or HITRUST audit.

Additional information concerning our HIPAA compliance policies and procedures, privacy policies, and avoidance of patient brokering standards is availability on request, subject to management approval.