All FCS kisok/touchpads are safely and securely managed with our FCS Kisok/touchpad Management Software.  FCS software restricts access to unauthorized sites, logs system ‘heartbeat’, tracks usage data, allows for remote updates on any day at any time, and more.  The GUI allows for professional branding, rich graphics that will entice users to engage, and large button selections that make it fast and easy for them to do so.   FCS is designed for use on any workstation, kisok/touchpad or tablet, with both Windows and Android versions available.

Each Windows device is provided with a single copy license to FCS for Windows client software. The software is:

Customizable, easy-to-use, full screen browser interface

Browser lockdown and URL filtering

Tamper proof security prohibits access to OS, network, unauthorized content

Session management to reset defaults and secure all user session data

Multi-touch enabled navigation and interactivity

Displays full range of web-based content

Onscreen virtual keyboard

Built-in attract loop features

Support for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth printing

Flexible run loop allows alternate exe, start-up and session specific programs

Device support for a full range of kisok/touchpad peripherals – touchscreens, printers, speakers, mag stripe card readers, smart card readers, DoD-approved CAC readers, biometric (fingerprint) readers, bar code scanners, image scanners, video cameras, autodial telephones, proximity sensors and mats, dual monitors

Support for multiple languages

Supports automatic dialing using VoIP, Skype or POTS (analog) phone devices

Fully compatible with industry standard screen reading software

Remote monitoring capability with regular check-in, daily detailed status/activity logs

Remote content management and updating capability

Remote usage data collection and reporting capability