The Distribution of prescription drugs is the heaviest in the states that have the most treatment centers. The treatment centers often abuse the prescription of opiates as a means of luring the patient into a center where there is not any discomfort from “getting clean.” The chances of a person not experiencing a strong level of discomfort is highly unlikely because Opiates get into your blood stream and penetrate your bone. Addicts have been known to die from improperly detoxing. Opiates will penetrate a person bone marrow. In fact opiates can be found in a persons bone marrow for years after the person is dead! Bone and bone marrow of a fatally poisoned heroin addict were analyzed by FPIA and GC-FID, immediately after death. A piece of the bone from the above case was buried for 1 year and analyzed by the same procedure. Morphine was detected in all specimens at concentrations of 195, 340 and 155 ng/g for bone marrow, bone and buried bone, respectively. A loss of 54.4% of morphine concentration was observed during 1-year burial. Such findings have potential forensic value in cases of skeletonized remains