Fallcatcher can provide low-cost services to create a professionally designed, branded content set that presents user-friendly access to online services and information.  We will either tailor existing FCS content modules/templates or create custom content to match your needs, style and branding.  Fallcatcher professionals will work one-on-one with you to leverage both your and our existing assets to keep costs down, customize as needed, then integrate everything to meet your specific project requirements.

Our Graphical Arts and Content Development Team consists of full-time staff with a variety of specialized skills, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AutoCAD, Xara, Html, and other graphical and proprietary content development technologies.

We offer services to create the following content, in any combination that works best:

Customized Skin / User Interface (Nav Bar, Button Set, Status Bar)

Custom or Tailored Attract Loop Graphics / Digital Signage

Custom or Tailored Main menu / Landing Page

Custom Sub-Menu Displays w/ Pre-Set Buttons and Links

Custom or Tailored Customer Feedback Forms

Custom Maps, Floor Plans, HTML Displays, etc.

Additional services include:

Requirements Definition & Planning

Data Design

.Net Programming (Data Tier, Web Services, Business Logic, Kisok/touchpad UI)

PHP, Java, Javascript, JQuery, XML/XLST, Html/CSS, VB, C#, Flash, Oracle and MS SQL databases, and other leading technologies.

Testing & Integration

Graphical Design

Project Management