Leader in Biometric Fraud Prevention

Fall Catcher Fraud Prevention is a System designed to track Patient Attendance  and Prescription Records in real-time. Our system is Patent Protected and synchronizes prescription records and attendance records to each individual patient via Retinal or Fingerprint scan.


How does it Work?

Fall Catcher FPS ( Fraud Prevention Systems)  creates a profile via our web portal. This profile is only partially complete. The second step requires a bio-metric profile which is created and unique to each patient. We use Retinal scanner and high resolution finger print devices that read the second epidermal layer of a persons fingerprint and the vein pattern in a persons hands.


Stopping Claim Fraud

Since our system uses a Real Time HL7 interface, all patient scans report to the insurance companies where the patient is in real-time….down to the millisecond. Therefore, treatment providers that arbitrarily withhold claims until the deductible is met by another provider are unable to submit delayed claims which cost the Insurance companies tens of millions of dollars monthly. With our system there is no discrepancy in attendance versus billing that can be exploited by  a  billing agent. the insurance companies can access attendance in real time prior to claims adjudication.


DCF and Legal Assistance

Our Software is so powerful it not only  synchronizes billing and attendance for the insurance companies but it creates a demographic profile for each client, without disclosing the purposes of treatment. We respect patients privacy. However, in the world that we live in, the patients themselves need to be monitored to ensure that they receive the care the need and not the empowerment to continue hurting themselves or the people around them. That is why we have Electronic Prescription Integration Capabilities to bring the attendance and prescription records into one Powerful and user friendly Dashboard, which is accessible to DCF.


Our Mission?

We want to be so good at what we do that we get put out of business. Our mission is create such an atmosphere of consciousness in the Addiction Recovery Sector that no one even considers defrauding the insurance companies and mistreating clients because they know they will be caught, essentially before they even get started violating the law. We Literally want to be forced out of business because there is No more fraud to be caught.




Fallcatcher is committed to ensuring quality in Care. We work exclusively with Government and Corporations to Provide “End to End” Biometric Solutions. If you have a specific Business System and require a Biometric tracking System to root out fraudulent activity please call us now.

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